I laugh at people when they fall!!! Idk
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Haha. In laughing so hard rn!! Last night was seriously a 12 year old girls night. Right?

How's it going kiddo?

I know it was so elementary hahahaha. It was a much needed fun night. I'm doing good I scheduled for classes officially and got my course schedule.

You did?!? Awesome!! I knew you would. Hey, Saturday night at the mall we didn't shop. Let's go again on Thursday? I can go after work. The weddings sept 5th. I know you'll tell me what dress!

Byw, I laughed that you're on here to answer me. Haha. It's a secret that no one can know. Could you imagine them invading a private place? I'd die especially of the girls read my ****. Nobody wants to hear some things about their mom. 😷

Sam made ash and Gillian sleep w her. She was scared. Lol

Sammy is so silly! I'm totally down for another mall trip! Also yeah this has to stay a secret. I love that it's so off the grid and private no one knows about it. Trust me your secret is safe with me.

I wouldn't have suggested it had I not trusted you. 😊

The girls can't read about my loves and real feelings. Lol. It will hinder my raising them properly. They'd have some **** on me.

Sammy's so silly it's tragic. She just told me she is over lawrence. LIES. They did break up though. I'm glad cause she can focus on herself. Oh and I'm gal the little ones were not bitchy to you. ❤️

I'm glad. Also yeah some things are better left unsaid. I'm a firm believer that are secrets are what make us human. Also Sammy hasn't told me where she was but she doesn't need relationship till she is more in tune with herself. Also yeah the little ones played nice in the sandbox .

Sammy's got hope to be in time with herself? Let's is pray. See you soon.

Alright see ya😆

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I know!!!!! Lmfao.

Me too! It was pouring down raining yesterday and a guy decided to run across the parking lot and fell. I laughed and laughed and laughed

That sounds historical