My friend came over before I had to leave last night and I was in tears I was laughing so hard.... at something that was SO FAR from funny, in fact it was kind of sad :( I don't know if I am just totally ****** in the head or if I find things funny that should not be when I feel uncomfortable either way we where both laughing at the hidden humor of it all LOL Ok now I am laughing about it again.
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Hey if you have a friend you can laugh with at stuff like that, you are very lucky.


I always worry about saying something people just don't get. I enjoy saying or laughing at messed up stuff, just not comfortable saying the most messed up stuff out loud. Enjoy that friend!

LOL I could not agree more I find myself saying a lot "yup I am going to hell" and 99% of the time it because I am laughing at something I really should not be laughing about.

Lmao i'll see you on the express train there! II'll be on the first class train, reserved for management.


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