It's all about hiding the crazy.
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Or putting a mask on it so people don't notice until it jumps out and yells boo X3

Lmao, a sneak attack, eh? I will pursue that avenue of action, thank you.


People ask me "Did you lose your marbles?" Nope, I traded them for a sense of humor, you should try it, I may like you more.

We now live in a world of political correctness where everyone can sue for being offended and the only jokes are repeated uses of LOL and stand up routines. Not a joke in sight =<

It is terribly mundane and unfortunate. Though just so you know, when I lol or lmao, It's because I actually did.


Now I have to pet a unicorn because of this X3

Ok that is weird. There was mention of a unicorn on another conversation I was having not 5 minutes ago. Please don't read my mind, you won't like it in there much.

I swear i didn't dig into your brain and pulled that out. I just like unicorn sparklies, even the mentally unstable ones =)

Ok good. The mentally unstable ones are the best. They tell the best dirty jokes. Most people think unicorns are all light and cotton candy, but they are raunchy dickheads.

you should see my unicorn friend. he has yellow hair and a green horn that has a blunt top and makes brown rainbows. I wonder about him =/

That does sound serious. Has he been to a hoof and mouth specialist? Likely some serious underlying condition.

i will need to set up an appointment. But luckily my bestest best friend Gojira reminds me that there will be other unicorns to love if he doesn't get his treatment =<

True but you will never forget that first unicorn love. You need make an appointment asap. For his sake.
you know Gojira? That big scaly dude gets around. And he never mentioned you to me.

we met recently. Strangely when I first met him he was in black and white and seems to suffer an identity crisis because of something in 1998 and that everyone miss spells his name. I feel sorry for him =<

And I will, he deserves to be well and true to his phallic horned self

Lmao, you got me. All I can do is laugh at this.

yeah, in 1998 they made him look like a raptor and ignoring his love of nuclear fission. But I still love him. It made me wish there was this magical pill that I can use to become just like him

I liked that movie. I know it wasn't Godzilla but it was a decent movie.
There is a pill like that. It's very large and might be uncomfortable going down but then nukes are made for exploding, not swallowing.

I will gladly take that pill X3
Although I know it will make me considerably big boned, especially in the hips =<.

For one thing I have no problem with the film like I used to, especially since Toho declared it to be Zilla. But its not bad, but I never really liked roland emmerit as a director to begin with.

Hey big scaly girls can be hot. Admittedly less when they might comsume you but still.
And you are obviously a bigger fan than I am. I have no idea what the second Hal means. Its got to be at least 15 yrs since I saw the original and at least 5 for the Broderick version. You're welcome to educate me if you want.

thankies, I will not be ashamed of my big butt X3

well the problem is that Godzilla has been around since 56 and he was supposed to symbolize the bombing of hiroshima and symbolically the fall of the japanese empire at the time. that is basically what the issue with the Broderick movie because Godzilla was just an animal when he was supposed to be almost like a kami of destruction and order.

So instead of being a yin and yang being, they made him a dumb lizard. I really need to rewatch that movie, I obviously missed a lot as a kid.

well the japanese version of the film was more sorrowful. It even had a hymm in it called prayer for peace. the american movie was a little bit bizarre because it was told by an american giving it an outsider perspective.

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So what are some of the crazy things you do? Please explain.

It's not so much doing things. More just train of thoughts skipping a track, messed up sense of humor. Laughing at things that offend 'normal' people. Racially insensitive jokes. I know I can be a jackass; it's not to be mean or outright offend anyone, I don't have a problem with anyone unless they're just obtuse. I do it to amuse myself and others.

If anyone say u crazy just say:

I have to be the the crazy one so everyone else can stay sane

I don't want everyone else to be sane man, I want to be part of a group of crazies. What fun is it if I'm the only insane person around?

The fun is trying to let the sane understand