How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if that particular woodchuck had a chainsaw?
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it depends

Upon what?

Size of tree? Terrain? Would it be just the woodchuck all by his onesy? Or does he have a team of chainsaw wielding woodchucks? I think I have a cartoon idea.

Sycamore, fairly flat and dry. He has Leroy, his slightly odd backwoods cousin with him.
This is mine, you can't have it!

So Canadian woodchucks. With Leroy pronounced Le Roy.

A whole f-ing lot more!

Unless it's lazy, then it will be cold during winter.

Unless he hooked up with some beaver!


Lmao, all it would cost him is a little wood.


Quit one upping me!

If it were you!

If it were me, it would cost a BIG WOOD.

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