FOR ALL YOU VIOLENCE LOVERS THAT LAUGH AT IT... The fox came beneath the train and died by decapitation. The driver, with a black cap kept a blank face n sed
... Oh well. Am going ahead.

The fox sed... Am too going dead A- head...

Driver: (still a blank face)... ERM Sazzio, foxes do not talk.

Fox: o_o We do not talk?

Sazzio: No. Only a moron will think foxes talk.

POINT I LIKE T MAKE: Don't worry peops! Am not on Dr ug s or drunk. Check ma other story/ posts t be sure if yah must.
Sazzio Sazzio
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I am worried that you are not on drugs and drink

Imagine me on them! O_o Then I will be... Off the tracks! Sorry. Couldn't help adding that.