Look, he probably won't even come back with the actual food, why don't you just give him this one?
Ok cheeseburger helper, you're on!
Yay! Cheese, cheese, cheese! Yay!
You're a good brother.

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Isn't it though?


Well if you don't like it, here's the door. Watch for the doorknob.

Doors are for the unworthy

So what, you go through a wall?

I go through the ceiling, like a damn rocket

How are the repair costs for that?

Money doesn't matter when you can go through your ceiling like a rocket.

Not to you but what about the people who's ceilings you ruin? They get rained on. Like me.

Screw them, they're clearly just jealous because they don't get feet rockets

See that is exactly the problem with you rocket feet people. Oh, others ceiling mean nothing to me cause I can rocket away. Shameful.

You wouldn't understand, you have normal feet.

For your information, I did not always have normal feet. I just saw the destruction I caused and decided to be a better person. Get all the facts first next time, buddy.

Yet you are no better, what went wrong.

Hey I didn't come on this post, slamming through others ceiling. I'm doing good. I know how to fix those feet so next time you just slam in the ceiling, not go through.

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The family guy!

Oh! Giggity giggity goo! Thank you!

Anytime! ;)

Brian's the new Meg! Brian's the new Meg!
Yeah, Brian's the new me!
Shut up Meg.


I may be a FG junkie. I haven't seen an episode for a while. *scratch*sniff*

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