I send the weirdest faces on snapchat and make really awkward photobombs and I find them hilarious and my friends just literally can't stand them. Oops
Qwitnie Qwitnie
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i always hope for cheeky pics instead of photobombs :p

Lol those must be some really bad photobombs if they can't send them.

Hahaha yeahhh... But the point is that I always ruin their cute photos and you know how it is with girls and photos that are getting ruined by their weird *** friend🙋 hahaha :')

Well I wouldn't know I'm not a girl.

Well trust me because I am haha

I bet those photos are really funny

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XD lol

I find it rather funny xP xD

Hahahaha my faces can be horrifying. But I don't really care I find it funny even tho it's my own face :')

XP. XD. Im sure they are terrifying xP. I actually find it nice when ppl are able to make fun of themselves and laugh about it though ^u^ xP i definitely cant do that so im rather jealous :3

Hahaha I Alwys laugh about my self last time I had black eye shadow all over my face to pretend I was the moon emoji🌚 and my friend send it to like 4 others and I cried from laughter

Just done care to much about what others think :))

That is good advice :3 ^u^

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