Was a waffle a pancake before it had holes?
IceMareen IceMareen
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waffles have holes!? you're doing it wrong.

Fine "indents"

just a pancake with craters now... and you're finger is burned. xD

I believe, it has always been a waffle. It is what it is, no more...no less. What makes it a waffle, is its waffle shape. You have to have a waffle iron to make waffles.

Lol XD

The batter is slightly differnt

No it was just dough.

No, a waffle is too thick for that.

So a waffle without holes is just a really thick pancake?

No. A pancake is a thin circle of dough and other stuff. If it's thick, it's just dough. Don't ask me why though. xD

Unless its cooked than its some fried dough.

No, only when it's fried. Else it would be cooked dough.

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