A few years ago I took a slice of pizza and slapped someone across the face with it. I yelled "PIZZA FACE". For some reason that story crept up in my brain today and it made me laugh.
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9 Responses Aug 23, 2014

LMAO!! Thats hillarious!!

What a waste of pizza.

Lets all have 2 second silence to mourn over our lost friend

I wish i had your sense of humor. XD

Well I guess u hav a bit of dark humor but even I find that funny you only live once right y not slap someone with a pizza

It would've been war! FOOD FIGHT!

Oh that is pure evil!

Haha guess u should of thought of that

She said she took "A" slice! So my statement still stands! :P Lol

What flavour pizza was it?

Cake face. Best, party, ever.


Hey - that isn't funny. I had pizza face in 10th grade...

Except - it was from acne :(