That awkward moment when you reach down there and only feel one ball
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You do not have a 'weird' sense of humor. You have a lack of imagination, a lack of maturity and you are obviously not very educated. Stupidity does not equate to an odd sense of humor. You're just an overgrown child.

There's always the one. I feel sorry for all you stiff, bitter, pretentious ****. What happened in your life that made you like this?? Do the world a favor and go jump off a building.

Hey, just call it how I see it. If you said something funny I would have commended you! Then again I'm a sociopath and I don't understand what it means to be offended by the opinions of others.. So why don't YOU untwist your panties and learn how to be humorous ;) -- you seem weak and stupid. Just saying.

Go away already, you're not wanted here. There's a term for people like you. It's called "troll". You've got nothing better to do but inject whatever tactless opinions or uninformed conclusions...or whatever comments you feel you need to drop in order to feel better about yourself. Go retreat back to your Mom's basement or perhaps your local Starbucks or wherever it is you people go to maintain your superiority complex. I'm done here. Good luck to you.

I maintain my superiority complex at MIT. Have a good day and learn to be more creative? Also, my comments don't make me feel anything.. I'm just saying what came to mind, I apologize.

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Then you have to go hunting. Awkward in public.

Weirdly enough, that has never happened to me. XD