I find crude sexual humor hilarious and I'm a 16 year old girl.. Is that normal?
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Whatever makes you laff. Laughing is also known t b a best medical remedy fo the body.

Console rely normal it's how most humor for almost all girls I know is

Yes I'm 20 and I like that too!

well, try to do something more wholesome with your life.


Same here

pretty much - some of the prissier types will try to hide their amusement because 'its not ladylike' or something

Who cares if it's normal or not. If you find it hilarious, then you find it hilarious. Everyone has a different sense of humor.

I always say I am a girl with crass and sass... Class is so overrated :p

Nice grammar



Now I get it

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Yes, everybody loves crude sexual humor. At least, everybody who is worth their salt.

Everyone does, except Grandparents. Who knows though maybe they secretly do haha.

It's amazing to realize one day that our grandparents like sexual humour as much as we do. My grandma used to make things out of dried apples...the one side had a face of a grandpa smiling, turn it around and it was the dried up inside of the apple which ended up looking like the outer vaginal area. JEEEEZUS gramma! Lol

Some girls are like that, it's just different tastes of humour