Because I grew up on Monty Python. My father would not allow us to watch it at night on channel 13, so we would sneak down and watch it and try not to laugh too loudly. We also watched wrestling, with Andre the Giant. Our father didn't want us to watch it either, but we caught him watching it late one night, laughing like crazy.
Once I was in the hospital after being hit by a car on my bike. I had a fractured skull. I was disoriented and in agony. On the television was Carol Burnett doing a skit about Gone With the Wind, wearing drapes and a curtain rod.
When I walked out on my first husband, I took a one bedroom apartment with my five year old son. I was terrified about how I was going to get by. I had Back to the Future on a VHS tape and watched it every night before going to sleep. It was a funny, heart warming movie which simply put, giving me hope for my own future.
I have found humor is a pillow for a broken heart.
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i like that-"humor is a pillow for a broken heart". i am a monty python fan too

I think that Python kept me alive through my difficult school years, and I am always seeking new material to sustain me. Current favorite is 'waiting for guffman' by director/actor Christopher Guest, and anything else he makes.