Do vampires get STDs from blood?
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No but whoever they bit would be cured if all stds.

They can get HIV and AIDS from blood, but STD's? No.

There's a reason why they are called 'sexually transmitted disease'.... you have to have s*x to get it.

no because there would be no vampiers to begin with


I don't know, but they probably have HIV


They wouldn't die though hah


No, because they are considered the undead.

As far as i can remember i have never been able to remember anything. Hahaha!!!

yes. and hepatitis

hep v

I guess so ,,,,

What is the speed of dark?

twice the speed of light

Good answer. ;) But...nit good enough 😈

just kidding, it was good


You did not like my answer?

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Haven't been watching Trueblood?

Yes, but they can't die anyway.

:))) lets find out

Hope the exist have u ever seen 1 if u ever see them pls do ask them :p they might give u a rt answer

ask them if they exist for real

Well it is in fiction writing that they aren't susceptible to diseases so, probably nit

They don't get human illnesses

They'd most likely get the STD by having sex. Vampires are so sexual nowadays... hahaha
And the virus would only last 2 seconds. So no one can get contaminated from them.
Well, as long as they not in an **** :P

Only if they suck more than blood ;)
jk, yeah they'll get stds from tainted blood

There is a certain blood that can and will kill them eventually after consuming.

But no, they can't get them.

Is that dead blood?

haha... vampires from Supernatural and Twilight are so fake. (Not that the rest are real :P )
Dead blood would mostly neutralize them, I think. Not kill them.

I hate twilight -.- so much. Haha

I'm a female, haha. But thanks? c:

Something called HepV or something like that.

Hahaha... true blood? That's so fake too. I always thought that the only living thing capable of killing a vampire by itself was a vulture. They eat dead bodies. So that makes sense. Though would they be scared by moving dead bodies that could drain them dry??

The only thing that makes sense from all the fandoms would be vervain. It does not kill them but affects them seriously. Just like dead blood which kind of makes no sense since what they drink from blood bag is mostly dead blood.

I guess I'm talking too much. TOo much tv shows and books.

Really dude, vultures? Sure they might be attracted to the smell but how would a vulture take down a super powered being? Even a flock of them. Besides, regardless of the smell I doubt they would try to eat it if the vampire were moving.

I've never heard the vultures one... But who knows. There's so much stuff said and made up about vampires.. No one really knows.

I don't really care either... They aren't real. So I just enjoy watching series and movies on them. ☺️☺️

Exactly what I said about the vultures :P

And HepV is from true blood

True blood?

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No cause they're dead, so the virus cannot sustain itself. No risk of std from a vampire so feel free

Thank you for that intelligent response. I hope I run into a chick vampire one day then. That'd be fun.

Careful on halloween, can be hard to tell

I will my friend, thanks for the warning.

Lol, good question!