I wish I had a throwaway account to post with on some of the stories in this group, "I looked long and hard for the joke, but then I realized it was you" - all in good clean fun, of course! :)
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Too mean,but i think some people do have multiple accounts!

Well the multiple accounts was a "throwaway joke" anyway, haha :p I mean I did end up posting it anyway, and I doubt anything would happen even if I targeted it at specific stories... in this case it's just a joke that occurred to me though.
But yeah, no doubt people have multiple accounts on EP, you even frequently see people on questions etc. shouting out like "this is my third account, x and y got blocked, add me" etc.

It is funny. I would be the one to say something like that ! Probably only to some one i know.
I have seen a comment about someone being blocked "only for a conversation" yeah right!

I've been blocked by other users several times for just conversation, in middle of conversation in fact, I'd say some people are just weird, but of course it's their right too. I used to wrong word because I can't remember what they call it, like have their account banned or removed. I saw that happen to a dear friend who I'm sure did nothing to deserve it, so I'm not sure if there's some kind of an issue with it. But the bottom line is people do create new/multiple accounts all the time. I was going to post another joke about how every account on EP are just two users or something, but someone else said it years back much better, and I forgot how :)

That happened to my good friend too
Must be the same person! That is funny to think that there are only 2 people on EP...i only have 1 profile
So you must account for the other millions! So thanks for all the multipersonality conversations! Damn you must be busy and never sleep. Ph and thing i told you under that one username....well you can't tell anyone! Lol

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