NOT SEXIST!!! A woman walks in a shop n say's to the staff member... Sir, sir! I think I need glasses!!!

"You certainly do, Madam! This is the opticians... Not your kitchen."

"Sorry, sir. I'll go back where I rightfully belong." Lady leaves.

The manager pops from the back n says to the one n only staff member... Well you need glasses too! This is the fish n chip shop...

"OH! Shut up, Harry!" Replied the staff member... Who happened t b the manager's... WIFE!

AGAIIIIIINNN.... Am not drunk or on Dr ugs. I love writing doped stuff on this group. ANNNND am not sexist.
Sazzio Sazzio
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Yeah, well, I don't really get that one, but I'm blonde, so it'll take me a couple days!

I don't get it

Weird sense of humor. I specialise in dry jokes most the time.