I walked into a crowded elevator and I use humor during awkward situations.
So I just randomly said "I guess you're all wondering why I brought you here today".

A few looked at me like I was insane, the others smirked.
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I enjoy the sort of humor that only makes you laugh, whether it amuses or confuses. It can be rather lonely, but it sure beats standing in awkward silence.

Lmao, that's good man


Sorry, just a "nickname" or something I say. Kinda like "dude." :)

What is that from? I know ive seen it idk frim where its relly bothering me

The important thing is to have confidence to just say whatever comes up in ones head without worrying what someone might or might not think. Funny stuff happens when we just act without social fear

That's a nice line.
Who's serve?

Oh I've saw a video of someone saying that

Oh! I saw that on a photo of someone's 'bucket list'! Haha. I'd probably end up laughing if someone did that whilst I was in an elevator. o: