Every time I watch a zombie movie or play a zombie game, anything that involves blood and guts, I want to eat something squishy and drink Koolaid out of my skull cup. I also tend to put the strawberry ice cream on the top cause I like to pretend I'm eating brains. Mmmm grey matter
ThatRobotChick ThatRobotChick
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3 Responses Aug 30, 2014

That's funny. Pretty cool how into it you get though. And it's not like your actually wanting to eat legit brains so.. Not too weird

You can eat a mans heart to gain his courage!

it's funny the way "ordinary" things are so similar to the un-ordinary I guess you are playing around with that

yeah XP I like to drink green stuff and pretend its Slurm

Hmm, sounds like a freaky foreplay session to me. haha

For people who have a zombie fetish!

Which is why i said freaky!