I can make really conceited jokes, even though I'm far from conceited. My jokes can even be kind of rude, I'm sarcastic almost all of the time, and I dislike the fact that when someone hears one of my jokes, whether it be conceited, sexual, or rude, they automatically think that I must have no friends because of that. Just because you're one person who may not like the way I joke around, or even if you thought I was serious, it doesn't mean you can call me out on that and ask me how I even manage to keep people around. Because even though you are wrong, what if you had been right? What if I had no friends for the exact same reason you mentioned? You would have succeeded in making me feel pretty ******.
I don't see the point in making someone feel like **** just because you don't like the way they do something. (Or the way they joke around.) So, I'm really sorry that you seem to think that because of one f*cking narcissistic joke attempt that there's no way anyone would want to be friends with me. If that's the way you think, then I'm also sorry about whoever cut off your friendship as soon as you said something they didn't like because they have seriously messed up your perception on how friendships should be.

-sorry about this. even the littlest things can make me rant.
lunalancing lunalancing
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2014