I stared at her n she stared at me for a good hour. Then I finally said... "Nice hair." Smiling, I realised she too was shy.

"You have a bogey coming out yer nose. Sat here for an hour thinking how I should tell you... and if I should or not," she said, giggling.

*Wipe my nose with a hanky*

Now I say... "Nice smile."

To finish off, we stared at each other b4 departing ways.

I too was now debating... Should I have smiled during the whole process?
Sazzio Sazzio
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

Nice story. I think you should have smiled, it maked it less awkward for her that she has got a bogey. It makes her think you don't really care that she has a bogey, and that it can happen everyone.