Yet Another Spam Parody

Are you stuck in a dead end job because you don't have a High School Diploma?

Would a Community College Associate of Arts Degree rescue you from your dismal career prospects?

Is the lack of a Bachelors Degree blocking your path to a decent income?

Has it become obvious that your professional aspirations are undermined by the absence of a Masters Degree?

Then Do Not Stop Short And Do Not Sabotage Your Future Any Longer!

Is the Answer!

U.A.S.S. will not waste your valuable time with long years of tedious classwork.

U.A.S.S. will not confuse you with a curriculum filled with complicated subjects you cannot even pronounce.

U.A.S.S. will not afflict you with long-winded, boring lectures.

U.A.S.S. will not embarrass you with difficult tests, quizzes or examinations.

U.A.S.S. will not interfere with your busy schedule by forcing you to attend seminars, labs or meetings.

U.A.S.S. will not subject you to the rigors and stresses associated with a grading system.

U.A.S.S. will not inflict upon you so much as a single thesis, dissertation, report or paper.

is dedicated to the proposition that anyone with $99.99 is entitled to the Ph.D., M.D., J.D. or other doctorate of their choice.

Why spend the best years of your life in some musty library surrounded by goofy characters who actually seem to enjoy reading all that gobbledegook in those big, fat books?

Why develop hemorrhoids and go crosseyed sitting for hours on end listening to some stuffy professor in a cheap suit drone on and on about some incomprehensible subject?

Take the smart route now to Wealth, Power and Prestige. Acquire the respect that comes from displaying your doctoral degree in any of 800 disciplines ranging from Experimental Physics to Neurosurgery; from Psychiatry to Astrometrics; from Macro-Economics to International Law.

If you can imagine it. We can confer it.

Yes, for just $99.99 we can equip you with the equivalent of 25 years of education. And with our unique approach to scholarship, we can compress those 25 years into just one weekend.

In fact, if you enroll today we will include a post-doctoral fellowship at no extra charge. That is a value normally requiring up to four years of additional study.

While other academic institutions insist upon your successfully negotiating a bewildering array of scholastic obstacles, U.A.S.S. requires just one thing: $99.99!

Why burden yourself with years of skin-wrinkling and eye-straining study?

Why saddle yourself with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

At U.A.S.S.,
• You don't need to raid your parents' retirement fund.
• You don't need to scrounge around performing a series of low-paying and humiliating work-study jobs.
• You don't need to falsify your family's economic circumstances to qualify for financial aid.

At U.A.S.S., All you need is a valid credit card, a good check or $99.99 in cash.

U.A.S.S. is accredited by the Distinguished Board of Official Graduate Universities and Schools (B.O.G.U.S.).

If you're ready to step out from behind that counter where you've been flipping burgers and flinching from hot grease burns; if you're prepared to Climb into a Space Shuttle, Stride into a Courtroom or March into an Operating Room and Take your Rightful Place as an Astronaut, Lawyer or Surgeon, then Now is the Time and U.A.S.S. is the Place!

CALL 1 (800) 2-BE-A-DOC

Operators Are Standing By

Enroll Now and make your mother proud.

University of Accelerated Subject Studies (UASS)
(A Division of KrushSkull Industries)

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