SPAM Parody Strikes Again!

Don't waste your money on dancing lessons, stylish clothes, grooming aids or fitness programs. Forget table manners, chivalry and a winning sense of humor.


There is just one thing




one thing only


that women look for in a man.....




Ever wonder what women are saying about you in private? Well, if you were short-changed in the little piggies department, you probably don't want to know what they're saying about you.


Don't believe that politically correct nonsense. Women are looking for men who can fill their shoes.


For only $99.99 we will send you a 50 gallon tub of "Gro-Toe." Completely safe and 100% organically natural, just slather on a generous armful of "Gro-Toe" and watch that toe grow.


Cheated in the stature department? Throw away those conspicuous lifts and stride forward with confidence and the knowledge that with the toss of a shoe, you can hoist yourself up a full four inches just by exercising your BIG TOE.


Forget all that baloney about penile stretchers, implants, inflaters and attachments. All they do is create an unsightly and unnatural bulge in the silhouette of your slacks. Lets face it. Pants are designed to follow the vertical line of the legs while shoes are fashioned to accommodate the full horizontal glory of our TOES.


The attraction of the phalanges is the most natural thing in the world. Before a baby can even talk, what does that infant stick into his mouth and suck on? Obviously, the thumb is just a poor substitute for the real thing...the BIG TOE. I'll bet you've never seen a baby pop that other protuberance in his mouth. Of course not.


Penalized by a dinky pinky? Give it the boot! Join the millions of men who step out with an enormous advantage. Go on...take that first step. Put the meat where it really counts.


Afraid to wear sandals? Too embarrassed to be caught dead in a pair of shower shoes? Imagine your self-assurance when you slap the thongs of your flip-flops between two gigantic BIG TOES and thrust forward!


Our patented formula is guaranteed to produce visible results after just one application of "Gro-Toe." Not satisfied? Return the unused portion for a full refund.


We stand behind our product...WAY behind our product...after all, we don't want you stepping on our toes.


So don't diddle around sticking you teeny toe in the water. Point your feet in the direction of success. What have you got to lose? 


Step Up NOW...with a BIG TOE!



Another Innovation from T-Jam Enterprises. 

(A division of KrushSkull Industries) 

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kicking blog iam clapping !!! 2 big toes up