According to science, alcohol is a solution
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A liquid containing a dissolved substance used as a means of dealing with a difficult situation? Two in one. I like how you think. 😏

That joke went over the heads of all the flunkies

alcohol is a solution but it isn't a solution you are looking for :p

It is. A solution to many.



I'll drink to that.

yar this guy I used to cruise with, had a ******* volvo. Two stickers on the back. One read: alcohol: numbs pain and offers hope. The other read: life is a river of pain of misery flowing into a lake of emptiness. These were bumper stickers!! Score 1 for that guy.

im loving these scientists! it absolutely is! the other morning I felt like **** cracked open 2 bottles of wine and drank til I passed out and when I woke up I had a new prospective on thing and I felt so much better. ;)

Yeah score one for scientists. Well played science, well played.

I totally agree with science!

You and me both.