....I laugh when people get hurt. Like, saw a kid fall off a bike recently and I couldn't help it...
BadMomKira BadMomKira
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There is a saying "comedy is simply tragedy happening to someone else"

Love this saying

I'm kinda the same. I love other people's misery

I laugh at people who fall on their behinds after slipping on ice. Yes, I am weird also.

We dont get much ice here...but I am sure I would too

You could place Bana peels in strategic spots.

I may try that ;)

Congratulations, you are an ÂRSEHÔLE!!!

that's badass momma! lol

It happens :)

Me too... especially when i'm the one that makes them fall off. :)

Lol, some people confuse sense of humor with being a douche. Lol?

I admit I'm a little of both

Good one. You win.

Uh, you seem to have earned your user name. lol

Part of the many reasons I have that user name :p

Hot mom would fit too. Just sayin. lol

Awe ❤️