Being Isolated Has Some Benefits

i have some property at the end of a dirt road, which probably classifies me as a redneck. our subdivision is tracts of about 10 acres so we are spread out a little. im not married and my parents only live less than 20 miles from me, but apparently they are farther from me than I am from them because they only come over 2 or 3 times a year. i was out in my shop working one day and felt the need for a bowel movement, didnt think I could make it inside, so i did it in the yard by my shed. its so hot in the summer i didnt figure it would be long before it was all dried out and gone so i did it. But my parents came over the next day, and I was going to show my dad what i had been working on in the shed, and we walked past "IT", and he said, whats this, and I said, it looks like something crapped in the yard, and about that time my mom showed up, apparently she was close enough to hear what was said, and I didnt even think about it anyway until I saw the papertowel on the ground. Anyway, i said, I had to go, couldnt make it inside, had papertowels in the shop and no one could see me anyway, and they came over 2 or 3 times a year, i just didnt know they would be over the next day

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well, you see, i used to do it, but i dont want to disgust it

Please tell me that's a joke, and there's not really a group of people on here who like to crap their pants on purpose. If it's a joke, it's funny. If it's not a joke, it's freaking hilarious. A little disgusting, but hilarious.

You're doing better than that group of people who like to crap their pants on purpose. Now that's just weird.

Remember when I was up there last year and you showed me what you called a "toilet paper plant"? You said the leaves were soft and good to use as toilet paper. What happened in this situation, there were no toilet paper plants handy?