You Found That Funny?

That's the question I get sometimes. My favorite experience with this occurred in a movie theater ("Sleepy Hollow" to be specific). At one point this head gets lobbed off and rolls between someone's legs. I laugh for a good 10 seconds before I realize I'm the only person in the entire theater laughing...oh well. The lady next to me asks, "You found that funny?". Yep...sure did...

Chephren Chephren
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yeah, hoosierlady61, i wouldn't dare laugh at certain real-life tragedies or movies displaying realistic depictions of death (i.e. Saving Private Ryan). My dark humor is mostly limited to movies, although...sometimes real-life can be just as funny; a husband freezing to death while searching for help for his family is NOT funny... but a guy on PCP that attempts to stop an AmTrak train because he believed he was Superman...i mean, come one, that should at least illicit a chuckle...

I love it, lol. I too often find myself laughing alone at some crazy bizarre thing that happens in a movie.

That always happens to me when I watch movies! People are always like, "How is that funny" but I dont' know I guess I just have a weird sense of humor

:/ I laughed during the scenes when Johnny Depp killed the men he was supposed to be shaving, in Sweeny Todd. I laughed hardest when Toby found a finger in his meatpie. But then again, it was supposed to be a dark comedy, right? But I also laughed when I heard about the girl who killd her parents when they took her cell phone, or the kid who killed his dad because he had a bad report card..not because of the actual deaths, mind you, but the motivation for them.

Geez, Hoosierlady I'm sorry about that, really. As for my comment on this writer's post, the heading is "weird sense of humour."<br />
Now then, I can't speak for the writer of said post, but for myself, I am NOT amused by real life tragedy. Sleepy Hollow is a lighthearted movie...not to be taken seriously.<br />
As for real life tragedy, I have had plenty, and do not mock it or laugh at it. In my personal life alone, and I do mean CLOSE and immediate family members and friends, I have suffered through an attempted suicide by a few close, an actual suicide, a drunk who killed himself and nearly took out a family of 5 (seriously hospitalized), a death FROM a drunk driver, a stabbing to death, and the list goes on and on. As for laughing at the odd thing, I can only speak for myself in that it is very unusual, and usually a nervous reaction, a body's way of adapting and coping with stress. I'm sorry you took my answer so seriously.

I took my daughter to see a movie when she was about 14. It was supposed to be a spoof on mobster movies. Shortly into the movie, people were being hurt or killed left and right. It was graphic and violent. The whole theater was roaring. We were in shock. I found we were the only ones who didn't find it funny. We got up and left. I didn't drag my daughter out, she wanted to leave. I think this speaks to the state of our society today. We should be horrified when someone is hurt or killed. I think our nation as a whole, has decided that human life isn't worth much. Otherwise, we wouldn't be amused at someone else's tragedy. I know this sounds soapboxish, but I've seen lives ruined and snuffed out. It isn't funny to me at all. :- (

hee heeeeee!! I do the same thing..some things just crack me up I guess. *lmao--YOU crack me up*