Strange People Among Us....

I often find great humor in the things people do, the way they act, and or dress.  I in no way laugh at people who cannot help it such as people with disabilities or less fortunate people, nor do I point and make it obvious what it is I am laughing at.  But I am pretty sure when there are 25 people stopping and staring at you and you hear peals of laughter behind you, you know what it is they are laughing at.

One of my favorite websites is "People of Wal-mart".  I never knew there were truly that many strange people on this earth and WHY do they all seem to migrate to Wal-mart????

If you do not want to elicit unwanted attention, including snickers and stares of disbelieve, then do not color your five foot spiked hair a variety of colors similar to that of a peacocks tail and then dress in a pair of hot pink skin tight leggings that leave nothing to the imagination in the "Package" area, a purple tutu, a frilly tank top, and ballerina shoes if you are a man looking for respect! 

Or how about the 400 pound woman wearing booty shorts and a tank top with the words, "HOTTIE" proudly displayed across the front of it in bold lettering?  I would never make fun of someone for their weight and I am all about high self esteem and feeling good about ones self.  But for  goodness sake, have some good old fashioned self respect!  Cover that *** up, PLEASE!!!! 

One of my all time favorites was the lady who was in an electric wheelchair compliments of Wal-Mart, who kept trying to get it through the metal pole barricade outside of the store.  I watched that lady back up and smash into them repeatedly for about five minutes, but to no avail.  I am not sure if she thought they would magically separate like the red sea or what, but she was bound and determined to get the wheelchair through no matter how long it took her! 


SO, I guess as long as people continue silently asking for my attention, I will continue responding with a hearty laugh and a shake of my head! 

SaneB42Kidz SaneB42Kidz
Feb 10, 2010