Falling Down...

Yes, I am a very sensitive person...but for some reason when people fall down or run into something, It makes me giggle uncontrollably! Maybe it is because I am a klutz myself & when I get hurt, I would prefer for people to laugh with me vs. freakin out   =)

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That is the funniest thing. I don't know why they don't make it into a TV show.<br />
there's tons of hilarious You Tubes on people falling down.<br />
And call the show, " I PEED MY PANTS LAUGHING!"<br />
<br />
I laugh just thinking about it.

Yes, I'm laughing at our, and others expense :P

I am so glad someone appreciates the entertainment value involved =D

haha....that sounds like me. As for others, I am the same way, as long as no one gets seriously hurt, I crack up when I see people do the stupid fall; you know, when someone slips/trips, but doesn't go down immediately. Arms are flailing and legs, and STILL they don't fall, still flailing, and even sometimes end up several feet away from the stumbling of trying NOT to fall. Finally, SPLAT! OMG, cracks me up. And yes, I've done it many times. I am a true klutz. :D I laugh and call it my hidden stunt side.

Yup sure enough, Monday morning and I am walking through the front double doors at work, when I enter the main building (in front of everyone) my drink starts to slip from my hands, I somehow catch it with the help of my thighs...In the meantime my laptop strap slides off my shoulder and got tangled around my legs. I did trip but fortunately I did not fall down =)<br />
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Of course people feel they must ask if I am alright...why can't they just giggle with me and pretend they did not see. I was embarassed enough without people expressing true concern.<br />
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Oh gosh, I am 'not' a morning or monday person but I am a klutz. I still have no idea how I took ballet for seven years. One of life's quirks, I guess.