Don't Go To Sleep Angry

When I was married, many many years go, my husband and I had an agreement that we would not go to sleep angry.  We would talk it out and deal with the situation, head on, without letting it fade away only to pop up again later.  Well, on this particular occasion we had been arguing for hours.  It was so long ago that I don't even remember what the argument was about, not that it matters.  My husband and I were both just fed up with one another and HE decided to go to bed.  Of course I brought up our agreement of not going to bed angry.  He stated that he was no longer angry and that he was going to bed.  This just sent me over the edge.  I waited until he was fast asleep and then I..............

The next morning he went to work without speaking to me.  ("not still angry" my butt)  He worked the  entire day and came home where I had his bubble bath ready (no joke), the air conditioning on in the t.v. room so he could relax and was making dinner.  this was our usual evening.  He came in and set his stuff down and kissed me on the cheek then went to take his bath.  I too was no longer angry, but I knew something he didn't.  About 5 minutes later I heard him screaming at me from the bathroom.  I ignored him and continued to cook.  Seconds later he came stomping into the kitchen naked and sopping wet.  "Is there something you want to tell me?" he asked seething with anger and looking down at his shaved legs.  "No."  I said and went on cooking dinner.

Even now when I thing about it, I just laugh and laugh.  Sometimes he does to.


This may be why were divorced.  Hmmmmmmm

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So you saved him 10 minutes and did (another) job for him...

This is the best Weird Humor story I've read!

Aha, amazing. xD

I guess he must have started thinking...well shaved my legs, I wonder what else she could decide shave off.

to funny