I Was Told..

I was told as a young child to always laugh at myself - why not everyone else will

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Though I agree that's not the best advice to give to a youngin', I'll never understand people without a sense of humor. Sure there are times that I view the glass as half empty, but those times are usually short lived, drowned out by the "half full" mentality, and being able to find humor is just about any situation. Weird or not, doesn't matter...humor is humor.

Oh but i like your weird sence of humor.You can always make me smile,even when very depressed

That's okay Eso, that wasn't the way it was intended either - but it was the advice given...

Please don't Eso.. it was the worst advice a parent can ever give to a child. =(