I Cant Laugh For Real.

Maybe im a mean person, but what im sure about is that my sense of humor is absolutely weird.

Ive laughed for real like 5 times in my life... (the laugh u cant control till ur stomach hurts liek uve been doing abs for hours) i dont know why. its impossible to make me laugh with a joke, its impossible....

I only semi-laugh when ppl has a funny laugh...

when ppl gets hurt... (not like super hurt)

Or in places i cant make any noice... like when u go to a very important lecture with some very important person, and everyone is very quiet and paying atention... welll thats when i laugh... i laugh my *** off!! i cant stop, i hope theres a way to cure this.. because i love laughing from the heart... and not just giggling with no real feeling...

Ohh i must add. my girlfriend laughs at everything... omg she laughs like crazy, she even cries everytime she does... and since im with her, it seems like im a lot more "laugh-able" prone. I mean laugh really is contageous. So if ud like to laugh a little more everyday... Keep someone close who does it really easy.

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22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010