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Hi, I'm one of the millions of people that think they are funny when in actual fact they aren't at all funny. You know what I mean, that annoying jerk that tries to crack jokes all the time and you have to pretend to laugh as to not offend him. That's me. It's got to the point now where people don't know whether I have a mental illness or not. The looks I get sometimes from my co-workers, wife, kids, etc, tells me that all is not well but I still keep on trying to get that elusive laugh. All this really achieves though is further humiliation for an already pathetic personality. I've just started acting serious but that's not working either, the fact of the matter is I'm just a tool and there's not much I can do about it. Hopefully I can reinvent myself as someone else on a networking site and gain some credibility.

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As of today I am the new me. I'm a great guy with mountains of confidence who is completely normal. I have everything going for me but I just feel the need to sell myself. Of course I'm attractive physically and emotionally. Watch this space to tantalise your senses

Look I'd like to see the funny side of all this but I made the grave mistake of showing my wife what I wrote on here last night and she was horrified, an ex<x>pression I'm completely used to. However all is not lost as I have this new personality, thanks for the advice guys but I'm going for it. (reinvention)

Lol @ just started acting serious. Please do not do that, I laughed just reading your post. Since I took the trouble to comment, please tell me one of those jokes nobody laughs at. Please!

Can I just say how much I admire you, most people have so little self awareness they don't even realize that the laughs they are getting are pretend. You are not a tool, jerk, or annoying! You are a genuine guy who just wants to make people laugh, so don't give up! Watch some stand-up comedy and read some books about how to be funny and soon you'll have people rolling on the floor with laughter.<br />
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Sit down, breath and take a moment to reflect. I understand feeling like some out of a crowd, and trying to make people around you notice and like you. I'm on my trip to discovery, it's taken years of going around in circles and many paths to find me. There's nothing wrong with thinking outside the square, and even laughing in it. Be you, if you change, do it for the betterment of yourself - not others. Basically it's like this: Be you. Who else is better qualified? <br />
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Or as my mother fondly reminds me on a regular basis: If you worried what people thought of you dear, you'd be surprised how little they did!

If you pretend to be someone else, then no one will ever know the real you. That's honestly no way to live. People either accept you, or they can get the **** out and think what they want. As for your family, try your best to sit down and communicate with them if there's an actual problem that's present. They must know you're not crazy or something. Your humor is your humor, if it annoys people you can back the jokes down a little bit, just don't exclude them or you won't be yourself anymore.