Wild Ride...

Due to my weird sense of humor - one of the funniest days that I have had in a long time, most people would not have laughed.

Ok, I live in Texas but do not listen to country music or own any cowgirl boots. I have always loved animals and never have had any problems. I have ridden horses several times in the past without any adverse incidents until recently...

One day I go to visit my friend at her house in Blanco, TX. (It looks like a Disney version of what the country looks like = beautiful).

Anyway, this is my first time to visit her house and her animals. When I walk up to her front door, her two bird dogs take off and are already half a mile away by the time I realize my friend expects us to go chase them down and bring them back to her house...(okay) so about 20 minutes later we get her dogs back to where they need to be. Then we procede to saddle up the horses and get ready for what we thought was going to be a relaxing horse ride in the country (I think not). Before we started riding my friend notified me that her horses were currently in heat and I didn't really think anything of it.

Well, as we start to ride down to a field - my horse just starts sprinting for no reason and there are no seatbelts on these things. The horse I was riding is a gorgeous red dun quarter horse aka. 'feisty redhed on her period'. So after a couple of random sprinting sessions, I was able to calm her down and return to the trail. The third time she gets off the trail to play in the mud, I encouraged her to get back on the trail. She wanted to play in the mud, so she did another sprint forward and then bucked me off. With the momentum, I summer saulted forward onto the ground and good thing we were still in the mud because she stepped on my hand and forearm. It started to swell instantaneously and my friend told me to get back on the horse...

"I don't think so!" I think the horse made it perfectly clear she was not in the mood. Anyway, good news is nothing was broken and the doctor's instructions from the emergency room actually said, "STAY OFF HORSES IN HEAT."

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

i love riding horses im sorry for ur misfortune. but u got to cowgirl up.. im from Tx born and raised.. im in colorado now but Tx is my HOME i love Texas. horses are animals just like a dog or cat... (please disregard if this makes u mad) but a animal is a animal they are uncontroleable at times. anyway i totally forgot the purpous i began writing... but COWGIRL UP ull get the hang of it hun. let me know what happens.

I am so sorry that you got hurt - horses can be so dangerous.<br />
I lucked out because she had tiny feet; size zero shoes but the combination of her being so quick and nimble; makes me nervous about riding her again.

I broke my arm recently going for a quick... but unexpected gallop anyway i know what you mean about horses playing and not work when you want them to get back on to the track :)