This Is So Odd, But It Still Makes Me Laugh

I live in a very rural, middle of nowhere place in Pennsylvania. When my sister and i were kids, we used to take bike rides on the dirt road by my house. Well, one day, Kelsey, my sister, decides to bring over a friend from town, Colleen and they went bike riding together. They went down our dirt road. About 10 minutes later, Colleen comes running through the front screen door in a panic and goes up to my mother and goes "KELSEY WAS JUST ATTACKED BY A WILD TURKEY!!!"

My mother had the same reaction that you're probably having right now.

she goes "Wait, Colleen, Honey... Kelsey was attacked by a wild turkey? What?"

And Colleen replies in a little bit of a calmer voice this time "Yes. Kelsey and I were riding bikes and at the bottom of one of the hills a bunch of wild turkeys were crossing the road and one came after Kelsey and knocked her off of her bike and BIT her!!!"

I was only about 5 when this happend, but i still remember it very well and the look on my mother's face still makes me smile

My mom says "Okayyyy. Liz (me), Colleen, get in the car. we're getting Kelsey.

After a few minutes of driving, we find Kelsey laying on the dirt road next to her bike with her knee bleeding pretty badly. 

 We drove into town to see the doctor and when he asked what happend, my mom gave a moment of silence. It was kind of like "should i tell him the true story or lie?" But she told him the truth.

The doctor said to my mom "A turkey did this? This is very deep. She needs stitches!"

So now my sister has a Turkey Bite scar in her knee and whenever people ask her about it, she gets to get into this lovely story that i've just shared with you.

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Now, that sounds like a turkey leg story.......!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! attacked by a wild turkey..christ now theres a story to tell the grandkids hehe