I Want To Be A Grim Reaper!

I dont' know why. it attracts me, I have applied for the job! but i keep being told i need to be dead for some reason!


oh well!


i'll keep applying hopefully one day i'll be qualified for the job!  I know how to type, do office chores, and other stuff, i have a nice resume!

Th3D0ct0r Th3D0ct0r
12 Responses Mar 1, 2010

there's a series called Dead like ME you would probably enjoy...

A friend of mine told me that the last thing he would want to do that will put a smile on his face is to die punching the Grim Reaper. ^_^ I wonder which will happen first?<br />
<br />
That would be an interesting job, all the reaper has to do is "poke people to death". ^_^

I think being the grim reaper would be a great job, and so easy. You just have to reach out and touch someone (^_^)

it's a year.. I'm not commenting on the laid times however

and how do you look in black?

probably laid times!!!<br />
<br />
yeah? you thin, aww thank you! :D

Hahahaha. Is 1963 a year, or amount of "laid" times?? :O <br />
Smoothie...your story DEFINATELY backs up the group! lol

uhm...whatever it was I WANT SOME!

haha I just read the title..oh for the joy of coffee..helping ugly people get laid since 1963 - oh crap that was beer wasn't it

WE will let youknow ...:D.....what if you become sleeping beauty though, i shall not take responsibility for that!

I'm going to go back to sleep..can some one message me when the point becomes clear please. Thanks *leaves room*

it's actually invisible self powered very low grade slow rollerblades Lady!!! i have seen them in action!