Should Death Be Funny?

recently 2 students i go to school with died.and i laughed. i still do. literally every day for 15 minutes i just sit there and laugh. im pretty sure im ****** in the brain. but i think its hilarious. now i have to go to ***** counseling.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Your therapist will understand (if s/he's worth a damn) that everyone deals with shocking situations differently. And will probably be fascinated that you laugh every day for 15 minutes . . . and will wonder if you're exaggerating for attention . . . and will want to know how long ago "recently" is . . . and will ask about what you think about death . . . and why you "have to go" to counseling . . . and why you can't find a word other than ****ing to deal with situations . . . and maybe you are ****** in the brain . . . yep. <br />
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Hilarious. Ridiculous. Laughable. Risible. Pathetic (see "pathos"/"bathos", Greek). Ludicrous. <br />
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Now go look up "Schadenfreude" so you can impress the ******** counselor.<br />
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Nice to see your keeping positive.