Tomboy Or Transgender You Tell Me

  • I dont know what i am so can you help me out here


I never realized i ever wanted to be a boy utill third grade. so i kept my secret away from my family untill i was ready to tell them so i pulled my mom in to my room and said "I HATE GIRL THINGS!". She conciderd me as a tomboy but all i thought was i wasn't supposed to be born a girl. I thought to myself im more than a tomboy but i didn't surley know. Girls at my school always thought scars that you can open up and see the inside of it,dead people,worms,sewers,dumps,And spiders were all gross but the boys and i always thought Cool!


I dress like a guy now days. my friends always say you dont have to wear boys clothes to be a tomboy but i always got angry and said to myself I'm not just any tomboy. when ever my friends say that boy is hot i am always digusted. but when im hanging out with my guy friends they say that girls hot i am also disgusted. one day when i see a cute guy  i always wake up the next day disgusted that i ever thought that. when i go to school im wearing boys skinny jeans boys t-shirt and boys shoes i am also wearing a girls backpack that people mistaken for a boys back pack.


My bedroom hasThis Jiant dog pillow, 3 bed pillows, 4 couch pillows, a scarf with skulls on my bed, a green chair, a baseball cap hanging on my bathroom door knob, a cd player,my ipod,a ps3,an x-box. In my droors stuffed animals i dont even play with any more, a box full of things that remind me of other things, a foot ball. In my closet  a side with all of my girls clothes that i dont wear, a side with all my boy clothes.


i was always stronger than any of the boys in my class. a lot of people in my class are scared of me because if they say bad things about my family or me being the way i am i beat them up.


I was always verey violent. i get in trouble in class alot. and people always point,stare, and the whisper. I would always do my home work at the last minute. all the girls in my class read twilight books and stuff like that. the boys and i would always read zombie books and and some vampire books that were for boys.


most the girls hang out with ther girls i hang out with these two girls that follow me (and it gets really annoying most the time but they're nice so), and these three boys that follow me(but they arn't annoying because,yah) there is this boy that i'm best buds with. we always put our back packs on our tummys and smash into each other!(lol)


Thats my life story so tell me what you think i am

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Yeah, I don't think you're a tomboy either. Good luck when it comes time to come out of the closet, you'll need it

After i read my story i thought i am a transgender