Backfire....... Bigtime

The other day I was walking through an undercover carpark at the local shopping centre and as I walked along, a car began reversing out of a spot. All of a sudden I had an urge to get up to no good...... and what else can you do when such an urge comes along? Exactly what it tells you in my experience.!

So Im walking along and the car begins reversing... so I slapped the rear panel, yelled out " OWWWW " then began rubbing my leg like I had been hit thinking how awesome the look on the drivers face would be.  

The car came to a lurching stop and next thing I know, a woman who was reaaaally old (Hell, it looked like she had been dug up for a day out) comes tottering around from the drivers side as fast as she could. She was freaking out saying " oh my god! Im so sorry!, are you ok?... I didnt even see you there" seriously, she looked like she would stroke out or have a heart attack at any moment. I felt horrible... but not enough to give myself away of course. " umm yeah  I'm ok you didnt hit me that hard." She starts fumbling for her mobile phone and licence "its ok Im insured so I'll cover any medical costs. Are you sure your ok?"  I'm still rubbing my leg at this stage and quickly stop " no really, Im fine no need to contact your insurance company, really theres no need"

The poor old thing is really shaken up and Im kinda worried about her driving in such a state so I ask if she is ok and tell her to sit down for a minute to calm her nerves. " I think I need a cup of tea, and I should call my daughter but I hate to disturb her when shes on duty" ... hang on.what?. "On duty? " I ask as my face drops and a sweat breaks out.. " Oh yes Melissa is a police sergent, she tells me to catch a taxi out or wait for her to take me shopping, but Im a stubborn old goat. I guess she was right " she replies as she scrolls through her phone about to make a call I REALLY don't want her to make.

" RUNNNN" screams the voice in my head, but I manage to ignore it.. I put my hand on her phone and gently lower it  " Look dont call your daughter, she's busy and theres no need to get the cops involved * I laugh, hoping my little joke doesn't make matters worse* Besides Im fine." * I hop on my leg a few times* " See?"

She asks if Im sure and I assure her I'm good as gold. I bid her good day and start to walk away. I can not believe the shlt storm I just avoided. " it was just meant to be a quick laugh I tell myself..where did it all go wrong?" I look over my shoulder and see the old woman sitting in her car just staring ahead, hands on the steering wheel.

" Keep walking....for the love of God just keep Walking" screams the banshee in my head. I stop, sigh and head back to the old lady. This is where the voice in my head says " Fukk know what?, your on your own from here on in". I knocked on the window and she nearly jumped into the backseat before winding down the window. " Umm" I say rubbing the back of my neck " maybe you should get that cup of tea, come on I'll have a cup with you"

So the moral to my story is....... dont scare old people for fun. Its not worth the guilt...or the $20 for  tea and scones. She turned out to be a pretty interesting lady though and she seemed to think her daughter and I would be great  friends if we ever met...." Personally if I never meet Melissa, my life will be just great " I think to myself

KateB76 KateB76
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2010