Being The Funniest Kid In Class And A Girl Is Soooo Un Lady Like,but We All Laugh!!!

well,i'm like totally goofy:D

and people don't mind because school is boring,and I make it fun

Although,it makes people have fun while learning

I say funny things like you pepe la quack,or you terd duck

I'm so random

  • But,people like that about me,but it's so weird,and it's like i'm in my very own world with my own language,lol

  • It's SO:) TRUE!!!!;):P

queenofpop2 queenofpop2
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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

i know exactly what ya mean :P Its fun being yourself, even if you are a bit special, lol. i was the kid in the back of the classroom licking the windows or eating the gluesticks. MmMm, jk jk. But sometimes I like to scream at cars when they drive by and maybe flash 'em, lol.