Potential Humorous Situations

I often witness something which is potentially very funny, but unforseen circumstances cut it short of its glory. At this point I like to let my imagination complete the scenario:

Example: I am at a Mcdonalds drive thru. There is one vehicle in front of me at the drive thru window. It is a big SUV with slightly tinted windows. I can see there is alot of hectic movement inside, like a struggle. This is when I first see the dog stick his head out. You know the kind, one bent ear and that crazy twinkle in the eyes. Anyways, I realize the drive thru window is stuck in the open position for some reason and many meaty aromas are flowing out. Now, our canine friend of course realizes what is inside and siezes the opportunity. And the owner siezes him....Son of a...

What needed to happen is as follows:

Our daring canine makes his entrance. Much yelling and cursing can be heard from the owners inside the vehicle. More rapid movements inside, arms flailing etc... Inside the restaurant women and children are screaming, things are heard breaking and so forth. Behind me at the speaker where you order someone is waiting. The speaker was left on by the employee and the customer can hear all of this. They are very concerned. I am in between the two cars quite content. After about a minute the dog is seen crashing through one of the doors as an older gentleman is entering. The man feebly kicks at the dog and mutters something. The dog proceeds like a bat out of hell in the opposite direction of its owners who begin pursuit. In the dogs mouth is a bag with a number one combo (possibly mine but I don't care at this point) inside. The owners decide to stop pursuit and go inside to apologize and assess damage. I decide to follow the ambitious canine. I find him 2 miles up the interstate sitting off to the side in the grassy area. He is yawning. Small white pieces of the paper bag are scattered all around him. I've seen enough and drive away.

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3 Responses Apr 9, 2010

OMG, that is hysterical. Isnt it fun to just sit back and watch and let your imagination run wild. You need to add the part about the guy behind you laying on his horn and that is what made the dog finally freak out. lol Keep enjoying your crea tive mind.