My Step Mother Made It Hell For Me From Day One

When I was three my mum and dad split up, my dad moving to America where he was born and mum and I staying in England. I rarely saw dad, but we had regular contact by phone. When I was fourteen he met my step mum and they soon got engaged. I had met her about ten times before the wedding. It was my dream to be a bridesmaid, but she told dad I was too much like a temptress to be a bridesmaid, because I have dark hair and am very tall whereas my step sisters are short and blonde. I was hurt, but attended anyway and was made to feel like crap by my step family.

Mum, who was a rock for me through all this and who I loved with all my heart died soon after and so I moved in with dad. I thought he loved and cared for me, but it soon became apparent that his new family came tops on his list of priorites. I was made to work like a slave, do my homework for my step sisters, cook meals, clean the house. I was not allowed to see anyone and was cosntantly in trouble at school for not having my homework done. On my birthday gifts were given to my step sisters instead of me. The only comfort I had was my half-sister and my dalmation Sparks who step mother ran over, on purpose when she found out I was both bisexual and athiest.

When my dad died I was sent to live in care and step mother made me cut all ties with my half-sister. I was sent to a run down home, was beaten up by druggies, raped and starved.

I'm finally out of that hell hole and am proud to say I have gotten far in life and raised two wonderful daughters. My half-sister and I regained contact and remained close, until recently. I live in England and my step mum had to move for legal reasons. She has little money, and wanted me to give some to her. I refused, and was shocked when my half-sister, who I thought understood what I've been put through all these years, wanted me to give her the cash. I am devasted now she snubs me for not helping out her mother.
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OMG! i feel so bad for you, i hope you are in a better place now & i hope that witch got what she deserves. as a christian i have my views on certain things, but would NEVER treat someone like that, you should love and repect everyone no matter what

Omg! I hope everything is all right now. I thought my step mother was evil but yours sounds terrible. I'm glad you found a way to escape that horrible place. :) Also, I found myself feeling sorry for my step mother because it's a way for me to feel stronger than her, at least moral wise, but that is just me. If you feel as if you dont have an obligation to help her, then you shouldn't feel pressured to help. That person seriously has messed with your life and you should stay far away as possible from her. Stay strong, Jenna.