A flat chested young woman was reading an article online. It was about a Doctor in Africa who had great success with non-surgical breast enhancement. His name was Doctor Bumbutu. The young woman decided to travel to Africa to meet Doctor Bumbutu and see if he could help her.

Upon her visit the Doctor told her he could help. For treatment, he told her that every morning she had to rub her breasts circularly and chant three times "Scoobie-doobie-doobies, I want bigger boobies."

When she got home she followed his advice to the letter. Every morning before work while taking a shower she would rub her breasts chant "Scoobie-doobie- doobies,...." Within a month she had 38 DDs, and they were perkys!!!

One morning the young woman was running late to work and forgot her routine. She finally remembered when she was standing in the middle of a crowded bus. She worried that she was failing to follow the Doctors advice, which might cause a problem. So, she closed her eyes, cupped and rubbed her breasts while she chanted "Scoobie-doobie-doobie, ....."

Afterwards a smiling man standing near by said "Pardon me miss, Are you a patient of Doctor Bumbutu's?"

She responded "Why yes, how did you know?"

The man winked at her and whispered "Hickory-dickery- dock, ....."

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LOL... If only ;)