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my husband and I are both life long bedwetters I wear 24 7 he only at night we are comming up in 10 years of marrige been together 12 years
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My husband has just started wearing diapers. I was horrified at first and quite worried and repulsed, but kind souls on this site helped me to understand what was going on and they helped me to embrace it as well. I love my husband and I simply love him in diapers now. He is just starting to pee in them - only in the bathroom but he seems quite pleased with himself. I encourage him to be the person he fully wants to be. If that involves him wearing diapers and peeing in them, so be it. Nothing he does is hurting anybody and he is much more at peace with himself now. All good.

Wetting makes you more relaxed and as you say at peace with yourself. Thats just how I feel.

Congrats on 10 years, hope it will be at least 3 times that later. Keep working together for the best for both of you.

Congrats on the approaching 10 years of marriage!<br />
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I've said it before, you guys just seem to have been made for each other, and are further proof that couples can combine diapers and marriage with little or no consequence, if you are accepting enough of who your spouse is down deep. <br />
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thank you life is fun