Smells And Such....

I know wearing diapers is one of those things that brings about thoughts of poopy pants & stale urine, but I had this realization today that we don't talk much about the good smells associated with diaper wearing. I mean, we all know that's one of the reasons we use baby powder, to mitigate smells and irritation from chafing, but for me, that's also one of the reasons I use creams (A&D or 3M's  Cavilon barrier cream...), not necesarilly because I need them to prevent diaper rashes (hardly ever get any...), but, rather, because they smell nice (to me) and add to my diaperedness in a pleasant way.

As you might guess, I'm not a very big fan of malodorous things, and that's probably why I have a hard time with making #2 in my diaper, but I'm also a clean freak in the anal way, diapered or not. Anytime after I have done the #2 in the porcelain water closet, I like to clean myself (probably) far more than the typical person, even using the creams to help avoid chafing while I wipe and wipe and wipe... The end result, even after a #2, is that I smell fairly clean "down there", and even though, I'm probably the only one that knows it, I'm comforted that I don't smell poopy in the slightest way, even after going. I can't explain that any further, except to say that smells and such are a big part of my personality, and keeping things "positive" is a big part of my diaper wearing, even though diapers have a reputation for being full of __it.

So, anyway, just thought I'd make that comment and see how many of you also take the "smell issue" to that higher level of needing to (maybe) overcompensate a bit for normal bodily functions with fresh smelling creams and the like...

What say you???

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Ohh the smell of bedwetting..............I love it and always have.

Thanks for the comment, Roxanna. I agree, the mess involved in being a pooper is something I have always had "trouble" with. Honestly, I think it's best FOR ME if everthing just goes very, very far away (down the sewer line...), if you know what I mean. I hold no grudge against those that choose it, though, because I don't want to sound hypocritical, but I'll never be a big fan for the reasons put forth in the initial post. Most infant diapers don't smell too bad when they are nursing, but once they start eating human food, even baby food, even their caca stinks to high heaven and turns up noses.<br />
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On Fetlife there's a conversation going on about smells, etc, too, and it reminded me of a Dutch product I ran across a couple years ago, Zwitsal baby cream. It's apparently used on all those Dutch bottoms, and is probably just as loved and adored in Denmark as our Johnson's baby products are here. For anyone interested, let's support the Dutch economy, too, since they are our friends. Google "Zwitsal Baby Cream (Zachte Creme Douce) - 200ml " and you should be able to find a US supplier for the Zwitsal products. has them.... Amazon does, too.<br />
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Smell nice kids! It's easier to stand next to in the grocery line...<br />
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Wow. I can really relate to you here. I have a very acute sense of smell, espe ially when stressed. I, too, love the smell of powder and lotion. But more than anything I love the smell of the fresh diapers themselves, especially when you first open the package. Ahhh...heaven. I have yet to poop in a diaper for the same reason that the smell bothers me so much. I hate feeling dirty :(. Once I pooped a little bit in a diaper after giving myself an enema for fun, but it was only a little and was watery and easily cleaned up. Love these philosophical posts. They are very refreshing because I enjoy exploring all aspects of being a dl.

I also love the smell of diapers as you, and I must admit that I also love the smell of fresh urine when peeing in diapers. But I hate the smell of **** in its infancy and therefore do not do them ever again. Diapers are ideal for ************, but it must be full of urine to pleasantly touching the ***** or ****. Now I'm wearing a diaper as well and definitely not dry;-) ... I'll be nice to have an ****** ... I'm glad there's so much on the EP community supporters AB-DL ...

Most of the ointments and unguents are not so pleasant to me....but I do like the J&J baby oil and baby powder aromas. I still like the overpowering ammonia smells of a diaper pail, or the humid smell of peed-in pants. And a re-peed bed has a unique bouquet that just turns me on.