My Wife Never Wears A Bra

Just uploaded some pics to my profile - she is permanently braless, and only owns one bra which is the one she was wearing when I first got my hands under it and onto her **** :-) We keep that one for when I want to re-enact me taking it off her for the first time before I **** her.
But other than times like that, she never wears a bra, and hasn't worn one since we got married some 15 years ago. Not to work, not anywhere!

Hope the pics are OK - let me know if you want hi-res versions of much better quality. Also have some of her braless boobs with far less clothing on them ;-)
varmintza varmintza
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love to comment ... would like an add to be able to.

What the hell? There aren't any comments, after an offer like that? Good God, please count me in, I'm going to request an add, so I can see the pics you mention, add me as a friend, I have a few on my profile ( all of my wife, I think). A very funny and sexy story...I love chat with women, and find almost all women sexy in some ways, I'd love to chat with her and imagine that you are fondling her while she and I talk...