Sheer White T-shirt No Bra......

first of all my wife hardly evers wears a bra.....and she doen't have a need to.....she is 5' weighs 118 and is very hot....she has a gorgeous set of **** her body just great......they don't sag and have the cutest perky little nipples you ever did see......they also get erect if she gets excited or aroused.....or cold........anyway on this day she had a small arguement with me......don't even remember what it was about just remember what she went out with.......we weren't talking after arguement.....I heard her talk with some of her girfriends on the phone and heard them making plans to go to a party at a friends house......I didn't say anything was just going to stay home and watch the football game.......well she took a shower.....put lotion all over her body....done her hair put on a little make up....she didn't need much.....then worked on her was a hot sunday in florida.....and I knew she was going to wear somethin cool.....which also meant not much at all.......well when I seen what she had onI didn't believe it.....thought she was just going to wear it around the house until it was time to go.....but no as I found out she was going out that way.........what she had on was a very.....very ...short pair of shorts....looked like something the dallas cowboys cheerleader wear......her cheeks were actually exposed and the shorts seened to ride up even higher each time she took a step....with them she had apair of sandals with about 3" heels which again just accented her long legs and tight cute little ***.....and for the top....well we used to call them ginny t-shirts.......very thin white material with straps across the shoulder......well if you know of the shirt I am talking about you also know that you can see right through it.....and this one she had on had been washed several times which made it even thinner.....although it was very comfortable.....and cool........she would often wear it at night around the house and at times to sleep in........I just loved the top......but eeven if our friends would come over and she had it on I would ask her if she was going to change.......she knew what that meant....even though we have playful moments together we kind of both have to be on the same wave length....and we haven't really shared many of those moments with our everyday friends........anyway......I thought she was just wearing this outfit to get me to say something.....I was actually excited looking at her and even to think that she was going to go out that way made me even more excited.....but I wasn't going to be with her and didn't really like she paraded around waited for her friends to pick her up....I finally said are you going out like that........and she said yes it's hot out and what's wrong with it.......I said taht you could almost see through that shirt.......she looked in the mirror from a distance of about 8 feet and said no you really can't and that it was cool........well I had mixed feeling.....I love it when she wants to play and be on display for others.....but only when I am part of it and with her.....and here she was going out with her the cheeks of her *** just about covered and her **** clearly visible through that shirts that just about had enough threads to it to stay had to say I was sorry about the arguement and why not hang out at the house.....we had a pool and her girfriends could come.......she said that it was too late they already said they would all go to another friends house for a while and they already had food and drinks.....then she said that I could come.......I really wasn't in the mood and had invited one of my friends over to watch the game with me........then the horn was blowing her friends were waiting for her....she didn't have time to change and said I won't be long....gave me a kiss and out the door she couldn't stop thinking about her out in piblic without me and maybe not knowing that everyone was going to see her ****......I don't know if I was angry or excited......but thought I could have gone.......well my friend came over with some more beer and we talked and watched the game.....I was still wondering what was going on at the party where my wife game over and not home yet.....finally a phone call from her and she said she was having a good timeand would be home soon....did we need anything at the house......I said no and that my friend was here......she said ok be there when she would come home my friend would also be able to get a nice view of her ****.....was wondering how I would handle that......had another beer and just watched the game and drove up and heard my wife say thanks for the was a guy that dropped her off....he was also a friend of ours.....his wife nad mine always hung out I know he now also seen her **** she was coming into the house and I acted as if it was normal.....cause she certainly though it was and that no one could see through that shirt.......she came in and say hi....came over a gave me a kiss and sat on my lap....knew she was no longer friend was watching the game and just sid hi.....then as he turned and looked our way.....he eyes opened wide  when he seen the outfit my wife had was also dusk now and with the light behind us made the t shirt eeven more transparant......she was a little tipsy as was I....but was happy and excited to see my friend was watching the game I began to kiss my wife and even brushed my hand acros her ****.....this made her nipples wake up and now they were poking right trough that shirt.....she didn't seem to mind....and now I didn' either....cause I was with her......I think my friend felt a bit awkward because he has never seen my wife half naked in front of him........and even though he was talking about the game he kept turning our way and say did you see that play.....all the while looking at my wifes **** not me.......... she junped up and said let me make you guys something to she was in the kitchen with evemn more lights on and brough her **** into more view......her nipples still poking out of the material.....I knew she was enjoying this and thought let her have a good I said I had to go to the I did I heard my friend get up and say I'll get another beer.....he had to go into the kitchen where the half naked wife was.....well I stayed out of sight longer than I needed to ,,,,but heard them talking and my wife laughing.....neither one ever mentioned anything about her outfit.....all I know is that when I finally showed back up my wifes nipples seemed harder than ever and she seemed  a bit flushed in the face and was just friend then returned to the living room and my wife finished the food.....brought it into us.....then again sat across my it got darker her **** were  more visible.......I felt like she was sitting across my lap with out a top on at friend was cool though he didn't stare just every once in a while turned and began to talk about the game but his eyes were focused on those cute perky **** just looking back at him......the drinks and what was going on in our living room made me more frisky and my wife seemed to be a willing participant.....I began to slide my hands over her **** and even held and rubbed them for a while.....hoping our guest didn't catch us....or at this point maybe wanted him to.......I even put a hand up that shirt and fondled her breasts.....then quickly pulled it back out......all you heard from mmy wife was laughter.....and she squirmed around on my lap......the braver I got I slid my hand across her *****....she just let out a light moan.......then I wanted to tickle her ***** first I did it outside the between our friend turning our way each time a good play happened.....the shorts were so short a bottom of a bathing suit covered her more.....then I went for it and slid her shorts aside.....and was surprised to find out she went ou without any panties.....I had no idead.....but wasn't angry just even more excited......I now had her ***** uncovered and was playing with it with another guy just about 2 feet awat....and if he turned around at the right moment he would see wife was almost dripping on me she was that horny now....and I don't hink she cared if anyone was present....and I was getting the same way.....I think our guest kind of knew what was going on....and I think he could actually see in the reflection of the tv at times what we were doing......I hoped he was enjoying any sneek peeks he was getting....cause I was enjoying the playful time we were having and knowing that someone else may at any moment catch us made it more one time as our friend turned and was talking to us about the game.....I took my hand and slowly pulled the shorts facing him aside as we talked until uncovered her cute little ***** for him to see but kept my eyes on the tube yet seen his eyes open wide and move down to between my wifes legs .....I knew he had seen it and we all acted as if it never happened.....kept talking about the game......every now and then him looking over and catching me me now openly playing with my wife **** and pullher shorts aside and leaving them that way fully letting him see at will her gorgeous  soaking wet *****....finally kepping her ***** exposed toward him I began to finger my wife and it was hard for her to contain herself.....she was trying to be quiet but was moaning and laughing.....i played with her **** and moved my finger in and out and she was now actually dripping onto my leg......when my friend turned aroun I didn''t stop instead I looked at the tv as if I didn't notice him and talked about the game but watched him as he watched me finger **** my wife to orgasism.....when she came and made a rather loud moan he turned away as if he wasn't watching.......her juices and come was dripping out of her ***** and onto my leg.....i pulled her shorts bak to cover her up and again said I had to go to the wife wasn't too far behind me.....we left our friend watching the game wondering how much he seen and how much he enjoyed the whole wife showered and put on a robe and said she was going to lie down in the bedroom and wait for me......I came back ou and watched the end of the game with my friend.....neither one of us ever mentioned what went on....but we all knew......what a sunday.......and there would be more..... 

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very hot, love ladies who like to show

Great story. That's one hot wife you have, there. Would love to hear more of your adventures. Thanks for sharing

Great story. I felt like I was your friend watching you play with your wife's ****. I'd love to see a pic with your hands on her ****.