Bras Don't Like Thim

my wife never wears a bra and people don't like here for it we live in a small town in southern ill. and thay say it not right for here to dress the way she dose that she hast to wear one hellshe don't like wearing a shirt but she has to whin we lived in in. no one caired wat there problem any know

gaale47 gaale47
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

those people are too close minded. just do whatever you're comfortable

Just wear what you're comfortable with, the heck with what the idiots judging think! Personally, I love being able to tell when a woman has no bra on. Better yet if I can see her ******* through or into the top. I think if you ignore the nay-sayers, you'll be more likely to attract fun-lovers.