On The Couch In Front Of The Window

Sunday mornings at the office block 30 yards from our living room window, have cleaning staff and people without a social life in them. At best a hand full of people. Our blinds were open and the room well lit by the sun, and it made us horny. We picked the couch with its back to the window and the office block. My wife sat on my lap and let me explore her body. Then I took off her blouse and set her breasts free. At this point she turned and straddled me, exposing her topless self to anyone looking in. She let me suck on her breasts and kiss her all over. She rose up on her knees, so I could unzip her pants and pull them down. Her black lace panties were easy to move aside, presenting me with her already wet *****. Anyone looking in would have seen her almost naked body, at the window, making love to someone on the couch. I started to work it with my mouth and tongue, and she began moaning and grinding her ***** into my mouth. Her groans gave way to moans and then to screaming while her grinding became more violent. I turned my eyes upward to see her C-cup breasts bouncing as her chest heaved and her head was thrown back. Soon she climaxed with her body in an arch, supported by her knees on the couch, her hand holding my head and her ***** resting on my mouth. Her final half moan-half scream was long and came from deep within her. Her ***** rewarded my mouth and tongue with its juice, that cascaded over my tongue,and coated the inside of my mouth, before it found its way down my throat. The show had lasted about a half hour which gave anyone in the office a great view of my wife's naked and shapely body, presenting her breasts in all their natural bouncing glory.
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Sep 19, 2010