My wife is in love with her hp
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Lol.. The way you put it amused me.. Sorry not making fun but i find it cute..

All marriages and relationships are work, i cant really speak on your situation, but ill tell you this; to my knowledge, ive never been cheated on, and i dont cheat, my lady wouldnt have time to cheat, cuz she'd be too worn out, she wouldnt need to cheat, because when i love a woman, ill do ANYTHING they want....and ill LIKE IT! communication is SO important, i dont know why she stepped out, and im sorry for yout pain, but if someone cheated on ME, that would be a wrap, and if i ever cheated, i wouldnt expect ro be forgiven or taken back, once you give what belongs to your MATE to a sorry, aint no commin back from that.

That's a real man talking! Bravo

Maybe you should try doing things to keep her attention. She's possibly bored and uses her phone to pass the time. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and do the "unexpected."

Too many married couples become complacent and take their spouses for granted. Whatever it was that brought you two down the aisle on your wedding day must continue until death do you part.

She is too proud of herself and always turn me down when I want to have some fun

Try buying her an unexpected small gift or plan a surprise vacation. Communication is key. Ask her what's wrong and what you can do to fix or work towards a solution. You don't want to live the rest of your like in a state of misery.

God only knows how I suffered

You just answered your own problem. You think that if she turns you down when you want to get laid, it's because she's "too proud of herself." She can't be all that proud--she married you. Maybe she doesn't want you because you only go to her when you want "to have some fun." Maybe if you treated her like a valuable person instead of your own personal playtoy, she'd want you again.

For ten years she ignites my advances


I think my wife is very ungrateful.God will punish her

Are your "advances" only sexual in nature? You may want to try other means to win her love and affection back. I'll be praying for you and your wife.

She is always torturing me by her words.she is making contacts with her long missing school mates.this really making me feeling stressed

Her classmates males n females

I think it's good for her to communicate with old FEMALE friends. Not so much her old MALE friends. Is she a lot younger than you, I'm curious to know?

Six years younger than me

Sometimes I felt like killing her.

If you feel that much hatred and anger towards your wife, simply divorce her and move on with your life. Never feel that you're not worthy because someone doesn't appreciate you. Either seek counseling or a divorce lawyer. Killing anyone is NEVER the answer and should NEVER be an option. Your life is way too valuable to waste away I'm jail. Try prayer, it works!

Thank you I shall not resort to killing but that's how I feel, I lol pray toGod

You're welcome :-)

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Hand phone

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She probably talks to her boy freind

Cannot solve cakes she is addicted to it like drugs

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