My wife isn't really getting fat at the moment but rather has always been plump. She was only 5'0 tall and 190 pounds when graduating from highschool in 1993. By the time we met in 1998 she was 245 pounds.

I have always been attracted to big women.  My first wife was 5'3" 185 pounds at the time we divorced due to irreconcilable differences though we remained friends.  2 Years later my current wife and I started dating and eventually married in 1998.  Even though she was much larger than my ex, she was kind hearted, loving and treated me with respect, all of which was lacking in my first marriage where I was frequently a victim of verbal abuse and was always being put down.  I have always thought my current wife was very beautiful and attractive from the beginning.  She was considerably bigger than the other woman I dated and I found her plump figure attractive.  She has always been comfortable with her weight and size unlike some of the thinner girls I dated who were always obsessed with dieting.
My wife is big all over so didn't look as heavy as she actually was.

My wife has never been a big eater though she is quite sedentary at times.  I usually eat about 2x - 3x the amount she does even I've always been about 100 pounds lighter at 5'9".  She does enjoy eating fastfood 3 or 4 times a week and drinks one or two sodas most days.  She has gradually put on a considerable amount of weight over the years after having 2 children and becoming even more sedentary.  Much of her weight gain has been in her belly which has gotten huge in recent years and I find very attractive though she is still big all over.  By 2010, 5 years after our last child her weight ballooned up to 280 pounds.  

In 2010 she stopped working to become a stay at home mom and began gaining weight more rapidly.  Being on 5'0" tall every pound gained is quite noticeable.  She has remained remarkably healthy with no weight related issues.  She is much larger than all her friends and still comfortable with her weight.  The only problems we've experienced have been needing seatbelt extenders when flying and finding clothes that fit.  She was a size 22 when we met and was up to size 26 after our last child and had outgrown Walmart.  Earlier this year she ended up having to wear men's shorts with a 58" waist.  Also she walks incredibly slow and can't keep up with hardly anyone, she attributes that to having short legs.

By the beginning of 2014 her weight creeped up to her heavviest point, weighing about 307 pounds in January. 

Her belly had gotten enormous and her thighs are about as big round as my waist.  She had many fat rolls all over.  I found her as attractive as ever.  In May of this year she got a new dr. with our new insurance plan through obamacare.  Her doctor said she was about 185 pounds overweight, though she was exceptionally healthy now he was very concerned about her weight and future health.  He prescribed her adipex which has been shown effective with moderate weight loss.  She has since lost nearly 20 pounds.

 1 Day before we went on a weekend getaway she weighed in at 297 pounds, havin lost 10 pounds with little effort  and no change in diet.

About 1 week ago she weighed in at 290 pounds having lost 17 pounds and her lightest weight in over 3 years.  She is feeling more energetic and active though her medicine usually keeps her up to 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning.  

Though my wife is still quite large and would probably still fall in the category ssbbw, it seems as though she has been losing inches faster than pounds.  Her bmi has went from nearly 60.0 to 56.6 though she is still considered super obese or morbidly obese, depending on what chart you look at, she has made great improvement and for that I am proud.  Many health sites say losing just 10% of one's body weight can make a huge difference.  Even though I found her especially attractive at 300+ pounds, I have supported her with her weight loss and will always love her and find her attractive at any size. Even at 290 pounds at 5'0" tall she is still quite huge and very curvaceous.  There are probably many fa guys who would also find a woman of her enormous proportions very desirable, I consider myself very blessed.
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You certainly are very blessed and she is as well. My Wife is not nearly that large, she is about 5'10" tall and weighs probably 215 lbs. (I don't really know because it doesn't matter to me). I definitely agree with you about big women being especially sexy. My Wife is so tremendously sexy because of her size and she also has extremely large breasts; they were even larger when she was nursing our children (I even got "leftovers" some days). I tell her everyday that she is THE most sexy and beautiful woman in the world (and she certainly is!)

If she could be 400 lbs and equally healthy would you want that? just curious?

If she were happy with her figure and also as healthy as now, I probably wouldn't mind. I love her regardless of her size. Realistically though, that would be a tremendous amount of weight gain on her short 5'0" figure and would probably cause some mobility issues and some loss of independence. I want her to be able to enjoy life, travel, and do things we enjoy together as a couple. She has lost 15 - 20 pounds in the last 3 months and I have supported her in her efforts to do so.

It looks like her huge belly has expanded nicely over the years.

She looks lovely. I can see why you love her shape.