Balcony flash

My wife and I have a favorite hotel for dirty weekends. I've been encouraging her to flash, and at times (sometimes to my surprise) she has begun to enjoy it. One weekend we were at this hotel. She was wearing a little sheer, tight negligee that almost covers her ***. She was ************ for me & I said, "Why don't you do a knee trembler out on the balcony?" (It was about 4AM, & quiet on the street 3 storeys below.) I headed out & she followed . She stood with her back against the wall & started doing herself with her favorite toy (after first looking to make sure noone was around). In a few minutes she was close to ******* when a voice from below said, "You go girl!" I looked down & there was a couple in the parking lot across the street. I thought my wife would stop, but, she said later, she was so close to ******* she didn't care, & let them watch her have a huge ******. Then she waved & walked back in. I saw the guy on the street give me the high sign as I went back in.

Since then we've had some other public experiences, but none that surprised me like this one.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Amazing wife has done something similar, stripping in a hotel window. It was an awesome turn on.